Episode 40 | The Hangout with Adam and Ryan

It’s another Thursday with Adam and Ryan. We are discussing the next project and are getting ready for our 24 hour stream!

Let your friends know if you think they would like to hang with us! #thwaar at

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On the Show:

Retro Gaming, Midjourney
Jibber, ControlNet

We have been playing with AI voice training and cloning. It’s getting really good. Check out the progression and the birth of our new favorite word…

Dragon Voice Clone | Hugging Face
Adam Clone #1

Bilals Voice Cling Tool | Hugging Face
Adam Clone #2

Voice clone – Speechify
Adam #3

Voice clone – Vocloner
Adam #4

Voice clone – PlayHT
Adam #5

We found that Descript did one of the best jobs of recreating our voices. It also helped us know our new favorite word: JIBBER!

Voice clone – Descript
Ryan #6 (the birth of jibber)

Voice clone – Descript
Ryan #7

We used ChatGPT to help create prompts for Midjourney, then ControlNet to augment augment the results.

Skyward City: Floating islands in the sky, connected by intricate bridges, where steampunk robots fly on wings made of brass and leather, transporting goods and messages between the cloud realms. –ar 3:2

Floating City, Midjourney
Floating City (Ai updated), ControlNet

Timeless Library: A vast, ornate library where clockwork librarians catalog stories from every corner of time and space, with shelves that stretch endlessly into a starlit horizon. –ar 3:2

Clockwork Library, Midjourney
Clockwork Library, Midjourney

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