Episode 39 | The Hangout with Adam and Ryan

It’s another Thursday with Adam and Ryan. We have special guest in studio, Michael (aeiz)! We are starting a bit later tonight but have a packed show! Let’s talk other AI board games being sold and get our hands dirty with new AI tools…

Let your friends know if you think they would like to hang with us! #thwaar at

In the News:


On the Show:

  • Possible late start ~9 PM
  • Special in studio guest Michael (aeiz)
Excited Fans, Midjourney
Upscaled Excited Fan, Midjourney

Show Notes:

We were checking out the new virtual MLB tools and decided to see what Midjourney could come up with for an excited fan. Here is our prompt:

  • Prompt: Depict an enthusiastic baseball fan, dressed in vibrant team colors and gear, passionately storming the baseball field. The stadium is filled with a lively crowd, and the players on the field are looking on in surprise. The fan has a look of pure excitement, with arms raised high, and maybe holding a flag or banner of their favorite team. The scene should capture the unexpected energy and momentary chaos this fan brings to the game –ar 3:2

We used Stable Audio tocreate some interesting audio clips!

Ambian is a music producer and shared his latest work. Ambian Youtbe channel

We “quickly” realized HeyGen could be training on my voice, but we had to pay to get full version. Here is a clip of what we produced for free.

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